How To Hoon Like An Idiot In The Middle Of A Public Road

A perfect example of when NOT to go hooning.

It’s totally natural for a gearhead to go hooning every once in a while. We can certainly sympathize with this feeling. Be that as it may, there's a time and a place to unleash an epic hoon session when the urge strikes, and that place is NOT in the middle of a busy street. In spite of the obvious inappropriateness and downright danger involved with doing ridiculous burnouts in the middle of a public road, the driver of this Nissan 200SX in Sydney just couldn’t seem to hold back his need to hoon.

The driver was filmed taking over an entire street, burning out without a care in the world. The hoon sesh was so wild that other drivers were forced to pull over to the side of the road while the driver unleashed havoc. No police were present at the scene, but the 31-year-old driver was later arrested after police viewed this video recorded on a cell phone.

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