How To Keep The Road Safe In A $3.4 Million Cop Car


Abu Dhabi shows us how it's done.

Abu Dhabi takes its road safety very seriously. So much so that they are willing to shell out big bucks to make sure it's done right. The latest addition to Abu Dhabi's police car fleet is part of the Arab State's effort to do just that. This brand new $3.4 million Lykan Hypersport was inducted into the Abu Dhabi police fleet to help with the UAE's promotion of road safety. The one of a kind police vehicle is apparently capable of reaching 60mph in 2.8 seconds and reportedly has an engine that puts out 780hp.

The car was custom built for the Abu Dhabi police by Arab car manufacturer W Motors. Needless to say, the Lykan Hypersport police vehicle has certainly drawn a lot of attention to the UAE's already extravagant police car line up, which CarBuzz has covered extensively. These latest photos of the new Lykan Hypersport cop car are the most equisite shots of the vehicle that we have seen thus far and come courtesy of Drew Larrigan at eGarage.

W Motors
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