Drag Race

How To Kill A 2,000-HP Lamborghini In A GT-R

This GT-R is the King Of The Street.

This very special GT-R, tuned by AMS Performance, is the undisputed King of the Street. Dubbed the "Alpha Omega", this monstrous Nissan has been engineered to push out an astonishing 2,000 horsepower and is capable of taking on even the most ferocious of competition. In this video, the AMS GT-R is put to the test to defend its title as "King Of The Street" and is lined up on the drag strip against some fierce competitors. A couple of the vehicles that race against this special GT-R include a 2000-hp twin-turbo Lambo and a 2000-hp twin-turbo Audi R8.

Other cars include a 1750-hp Dallas Performance twin-turbo Lamborghini and a D3 Performance 2,000-hp twin-turbo Viper. Can the AMS Alpha Omega GT-R stand up to the competition to hold its title as King of the Street?

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