How To Lay Down A Perfect Burnout In A McLaren 675LT

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Hint: Burnout mode.

Supercar spotter Shmee150 recently visited Silverstone for the press launch of McLaren's brand new 675LT. All 500 units of the new McLaren have already been sold and after Chris Harris's recent test run, this is one of the most up-close looks that we've seen of the new car really doing its thing. The focus of this video is specifically regarding a fun little feature on the 675LT called Burnout Mode. Burnout Mode on the supercar is "activated" by setting the handling dynamics dial to Sport or Track, disabling the traction control and then romping on the gas.

These simple adjustments allow for some sweet burnouts that really light up the rear tires on the supercar like 4th of July fireworks. Check out Shmee as he demonstrates the tech and plasters absolutely perfect skids on the road.

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