How to Make 280MPH Capable Carbon Fiber Wheels

Leave it to Koenigsegg to figure this one out.

As it so happens, Koenigsegg is the world’s first automaker to build carbon-fiber wheels. And yes, this is done entirely in-house. When it came time to develop the Koenigsegg One:1, it was plainly clearly that it would have carbon-fiber wheels. But here’s the issue: the One:1 is the world’s first mega car, and is capable of hitting a top speed of 280 mph. The challenge, out of many here, is how to design and build CF wheels capable of handling that speed.

Koenigsegg has already been building carbon-fiber wheels for the past year and half now, and it seems to have gotten the process down. A completed CF front wheel, for example, weighs only 13 lbs, some 40 percent less than the old forged aluminum wheel.

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