How To Make A 1000HP Skyline That's Way Hotter Than A New R35

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What a big turbo you have.

The fifth-generation of Nissan's GT-R Skyline is often considered as one of the greatest JDM vehicles ever produced. The R34 Skyline was initially introduced to the Japanese market in 1999 and was made famous when it appeared in "2 Fast 2 Furious". The limited V-Spec version of this already insane car, featured in this article, boasts an ATTESA E-TS Pro system suspension kit that provides it with even tighter handling than the regular version.

One of these awesome GT-R Skyline V-Specs was acquired by Australia's Mercury Motorsport and given some very cool modifications that took the car to producing an astounding 1,100 hp at the wheels. So what did these crazy Australian gearheads do to take this V-Spec R34 over the 1,000 hp mark? The most significant of a series of upgrades involved a collaboration with Nitto Performance Engineering that completely replaced the Tomei 2.8 stroker engine with a Nitto 2.7 stoker and teamed it with a massive GT47R turbo. Although some of the modifications were eventually changed to make the car more drivable on public roads, this R34 is still capable of producing over 1,000 hp.

In its current form, some of the most notable specifications include a custom modified RB30 block, Nitto Performance Engineering 3.2 stroker kit, a ported RB26DETT head, upgraded valves and a custom twin bottle nitrous setup. If we had the choice, we'd take this baby over a new (and stock) R35 any day of the week.

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