How To Make A Lexus Hoverboard

It's all about liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors!

By now you’ve probably seen the Lexus hoverboard in action, and perhaps geeked yourself out on the science behind its creation. To help better consume the physics of how the slick piece of floating bamboo works, Lexus has released this video dubbed “The Science,” providing a glimpse of the real-life hoverboard’s creation from inception to execution, along with the specially-constructed “hoverpark” near Barcelona.

Check out here how scientists specializing in magnetic levitation technology helped bring every little boy’s fantasy to life.

Lexus has also released another video, “The Ride,” which captures the personal view of skateboarding star Ross McGouran on what it is like to be the first person to master the hoverboard, in his words “the best thing ever.”

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