How To Make A Lykan Hypersport Into A Badass Robocop Car

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This thing can recognize your face and arrest you.

By now we've all see plenty of amazing photographs of the latest addition to the Abu Dhabi Police fleet. This Lykan Hypersport is definitely the most expensive, if not the most badass, police car that we've ever seen. As if the hype and media about this car couldn't get any crazier, the Abu Dhabi Police and ekin Technology have published a new video of the car that looks like the trailer for some insane Hollywood action flick. There's good reason for the Hollywood-esque cinematography in this clip.

Abu Dhabi wants to promote this Hypersport's special security features fitted by ekin. This Lykan is literally a Robocop, capable of reading license plates of moving cars and monitoring the speed of all surrounding vehicles. The Hypersport also has facial recognition capability that even works at high speed.

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