How To Make A McLaren P1 Even Sexier

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Yes. It's possible.

We've seen all sorts of wacky attempts at trying to make hypercars look better. These attempts can be hit or miss, with some succeeding and others failing fantastically. With everything from the DeadMau5 McLaren P1 wrap to a completely carbon fiber Ferrari Enzo, we've pretty much seen it all. However, every so often someone really gets it right, and we think this McLaren P1 is a perfect example. The change is subtle, but also quite spectacular.

Canada's SR Auto Group recently finished working on a completely custom set of PUR wheels for this badass McLaren P1. The effect that these matte anthracite 4OUR.M2 rims have on the look of the car gives the impression that the chassis is absolutely slammed onto the wheels. The reason for this awesome effect is because the front wheels are 20×9.5 and the back wheels measure in at 21×12. What do you think of these bespoke rims on the P1? Do you prefer the stock ones?

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