Hot Rod

How To Make A Boring Van Into Something Borderline Bonkers

Oh, the possibilities with a V8...

You see them all the time and rarely give them all that much attention. Perhaps you or someone you know even drives one around for work. Or, and this is most likely, you see them piled up in junkyards. We’re talking about old school delivery vans, those old Chevys, Fords, and Dodges that date back a few decades. Though they’ve been replaced mainly by the likes of the Ford Transit Connect, minivans, and other crossover-like vehicles, there are still quite a few of these old full-size vans around.

But how do you breathe new life into one? By dropping in a Lingenfelter Performance LS7 V8 with 630 hp in place of the original carbureted six-cylinder. Of course it’s the guys from Hot Rod Garage who are working to make this happen.

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