How To Make A Stock Car Totally Street Legal In Only Five Days

Ingenuity required.

Over three years ago the guys from Roadkill bought a circle track race car with the intention of fixing it up and then taking it on a road trip. And for over three years that car simply sat and collected dust in the back of their garage. They just never got around to doing something with it. Until now, that is. On this latest episode of Roadkill, the guys finally make this stock car project happen. But they run into a problem even before they get started: it doesn’t have a VIN. And when there’s no VIN, it can’t be insured. And without insurance, no road trip. The solution?

A new body (in this case a donor 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo) that actually has a VIN. And, of course, a few alternations need to be done in order to make body and frame fit, but the end result is ridiculously awesome.

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