How To Make Even More Stupid Power In A Dodge Hellcat

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New fuel pumps for the Charger and Challenger can help make serious horsepower.

Both the Dodge Challenger Hellcat and Charger Hellcat already make some pretty insane horsepower. 717 hp ain't no joke, and if you ask us, that number falls under a category simply titled "enough." But for you real lunatics out there, there's certainly more power left under the hood and on the table for both the Challenger and the Charger.

Simply put, Aeromotive makes aftermarket parts for loads of cars, the Challenger and Charger included. But the brand's real bread and butter certainly looks to be fuel systems. To be fair, that's a pretty solid bread and butter to have. Adding more fuel is one of the most basic ways to ensure your car makes more power. That's exactly what this new fuel pump module for the Charger and Challenger aims to do.

2019-2022 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Front View Dodge

Installation should be pretty simple, as Aeromotive says this is a drop-in system built to work with the factory fuel tank and the OEM lock ring and gasket. Thankfully, the new pumps will also work with Dodge's original pickup and fuel-level sender so you know exactly how much gas you've burned. Given how much power the new module will make, that's probably a good thing. Aeromotive says the new fuel pump will support up to 3,250 hp in its most aggressive spec.

Speaking of which, a few configurations are available. Buyers will have their choice between dual or triple pumps, with each using a 525 LPH (liters per hour) pump paired with one or two 450 LPH pumps. Honestly, the dual pump sounds like all anyone needs, with that module capable of supporting N/A engines up to 2,150 hp. That number drops a bit to 1,485 hp if you're running E-85 fuel. That pump will also support forced induction up to 1,610 on pump gas or 1,120 on E-85.

2019-2022 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Rear View Driving Dodge
2019-2022 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Front View Driving Dodge

The triple pump is where things get really bonkers. In fact, we're not certain you'd even be able to make this kind of power without effectively rebuilding Dodge's Hemi motor. Regardless, the triple pump will support N/A pump gas engines up to 3,250 hp and E-85 applications up to 2,235 hp. Toss in some forced induction, and the pumps can handle up to 2,410 hp on pump gas and 1,670 hp on E-85.

Pricing for the fuel pumps is somewhat reasonable given the power they can handle, with the dual pump module priced at $875 USD and the triple module priced slightly higher at $1,130 USD. On a broader scale, the release of the new systems couldn't be better timed given the tuning community's anger at Cobb over emissions-related issues right now. At any rate, if you're looking to go really, really fast in a Dodge, this fuel pump ought to help.

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