How To Make Everyday Objects As Cool As Your Car

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Time to be creative.

We've seen the guys at Dip Your Car transform cars using PlastiDip, while some DIY lovers have restyled their cars at home with the magic spray cans. If you find that you've got some cans of PlastiDip left over or if you want to try out something a bit smaller before tackling your car, there are plenty of everyday objects you can easily dip at home. And as you will see from the following videos, the results are impressive.

Here's DipYouCar's very own Fonzie showing how to create a carbon-fiber look on an iPad. Obviously using real carbon fiber to cover your tablet would cost more than the tablet itself, but this visual replica of the lightweight material is cheap and easily done with PlastiDip.

Once you get the PlastiDip bug, you're going to want to dip everything. This guy got some free sunglasses so he used some baby blue dip to give it an eighties look.

You probably aren't aware, but dipping guitars is a thing now. The guys at GuitarDips have turned this unique musical instrument customization into an art form, and can be seen here transforming a sweet Schecter guitar from Pure Purple to Koi Orange.

After running out of things to dip on his car, the guy here had some fun dipping his Apple Macbook that was looking a little worse for wear. The finish is slick, plus the laptop looks brand new when he's finished.

It takes a brave man to paint his truck purple, but at least with PlastiDip you can peel it right off when you've had enough of people making fun of you. With some left over paint, you can also give an old 12 gauge shotgun a fresh new look. But here, only black will do.

Don't be scared to give your phone a new lease of life. This guy revealed the result of dipping his iPhone 5 in matte black, claiming it to be the only PlastiDip iPhone in the world. If you have one or know someone that does, prove this guy wrong in the comments.

Vintage Gold is an awesome color, so it's no surprise this guy's bike looked so damn good after he dipped the bike's frame in this handsome hue.

This guy had the genius idea of refurbishing his most comfortable pair of sneakers by smartly applying PlastiDip to areas of the Lebron Nikes that had started to look a bit nasty.

Bikers wanting a Darth Vader look when on the road should draw inspiration from the matte black finish this guy applies to his motorcycle helmet.

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