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How to Make the Ideal Porsche 356

This 1955 Porsche 356 finally received the upgrades it desperately needed.

When the Porsche 356 was launched it was, for the most part, a Volkswagen. Aside from the car’s curvy exterior lines and a few other things, the engine and transmission technology was quite dated. During World War II, global car development came to a halt, hence the 356’s initial shortcomings. Porsche made the necessary upgrades over time, but the early 356s still had old components. So when Jack Griffin bought his 1955 356 20 years ago, he took advantage of the opportunity to properly update the car.

He swapped out the engine in favor of one from a ’65 356 with nearly double the horsepower, and replaced the gearbox with a more robust one. The final result, although not something Porsche purists will like, is nothing short of automotive fine art.

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