How To Make Your Ford Mustang EcoBoost As Potent As A Mustang GT

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Now you won't be ashamed to own a Mustang EcoBoost.

Australia-based tuning company Tickford is perhaps best known for its work on the fabulous Ford RS200 and Sierra RS500 in the 1980's. Now the same company has turned its attention to the current Ford Mustang, packing in more power and installing a new exhaust system to both the GT and EcoBoost engine models. At least now you won't be mocked for choosing the EcoBoost Mustang. Opting for the EcoBoost Tickford power pack will boost the power output to a respectable 362 horsepower.

The extra 50-hp boost in power is welcome and comes thanks to a new intake, custom-made Tickford quad catback exhaust and some fiddling with the ECU, but it's the extra torque that's impressive here, rising from a measly 319 to 398 lb-ft – that's more than the standard V8 Mustang GT. "The Mustang EcoBoost is becoming a popular choice and our equivalent 270 Power Pack powertrain package will give owners a significant uplift in overall vehicle performance," said Tickford's director Tony Harris. "We believe it will also attract customers to the EcoBoost variant who like the idea of a smaller capacity and more efficient engine, but have been waiting for a performance boost."

Unsurprisingly, similar upgrades have been applied to the flagship Mustang GT, which now produces 483 horsepower and 431 lb-ft of torque from its burly 5.0-liter V8 engine. Compared to the stock GT, the upgrade will give you an extra 72-hp and 40 lb-ft of torque. "Mustang owners are real vehicle enthusiasts so we wanted to ensure Tickford's first release of personalization options captured their enjoyment of driving and enhanced it," said Harris. "Our aim was to not only deliver generous increases in power and torque, but also create a unique exhaust note which was strong and deep, yet was suitable for daily driving as well."

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Alternatively, if that doesn't give your Mustang GT enough oomph, shell out a bit extra and Tickford will fit an optional Ford Performance supercharger kit, boosting the power up to 670-hp and 545 lb-ft. Both kits cost 6,990 Australian dollars, which is around $5,292, regardless if you opt for the EcoBoost or GT option, and includes installation. Additional ride and handling packages are also said to be in the works, along with exterior and interior styling kits.

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