How To Make Your McLaren More Atrocious Than The Deadmau5 P1


There's a new Sheriff in town.

When it comes to crazy wraps, designs and paint jobs on high-end cars, one of the kings of the game is undoubtedly Deadmau5. The Canadian house music producer has come out with some ridiculous designs on his cars including the infamous "Purrari" and the more recent Ace of Spades McLaren P1 and heart-covered McLaren 650S. However, it would appear as if Deadmau5 may have some competition. Autobuff Shmee150 has officially unveiled his Las Vegas Casino themed McLaren 650S for the Gumball 3000 Rally, and its pretty sick.

The wrap on the "Shmee Mobile" does have a similar look to Deadmau5's McLarens, but what sets it apart is the bright green paint and ludicrous roulette wheel rims. This year's Gumball will finish in Las Vegas and both Shmee and Deadmau5 will be filming together.

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