How to Mediate Russian Road Rage

Russia is an odd country and the so-called rules of the road (if they even exist) can quickly lead to some roughhousing.

Driving can turn into a violent act in Russia. Any little minor roadside argument can go wrong very quickly. It’s just how things work there. So in order to protect oneself, it’s important to pack the essentials in your car’s trunk: baseball bats, crowbars and various other objects that can be used to beat another human being. But there’s another way to end a fight that’s much more efficient. What you’re about to see probably happens on a daily basis on most Russian roads and highways.

While you could be an amateur and use a metal or wooden object to settle a roadside dispute, a fearless pro has no problem packing heat. No matter which method you prefer, just be ready to settle a fender bender outside of court. Skip to 1:55 to see what plays out.

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