How to Not Cook a Turkey with a Lamborghini Aventadeer

Shmee attempts to cook a turkey with an Oakley-fettled Aventador. Hopefully, he will cook that lame sweater next.

We’ll be the first to admit Shmee150 puts together some awesome videos of supercars. This certainly isn’t one of them, but it did fill the CarBuzz office with festive cheer. Using an Oakley Design tuned Aventador, complete with a fire-spitting full titanium exhaust, a carbon rear spoiler and additional 60 horsepower, the posh Brit pitchforks an uncooked turkey and holds it in the Lambo’s flaming exhaust.

There’s not a chance in hell the bird is cooked. Slightly singed maybe, but definitely not ready for gravy. Luckily, Shmee came prepared with a KFC bucket so he won’t spend Xmas throwing up with salmonella poisoning.

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