How to Preserve Your Car in a Russian Winter

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Just think of it as letting your car hibernate for the winter.

The average temperature during a harsh Russian winter is -4 to - 22 degrees Fahrenheit. Take this combined with lots of heavy snow, ice, and face-eating winds and you're pretty much left with one of the last places on Earth you'd ever want to go to for a winter holiday vacation. And of course Russian citizens must deal with these extreme conditions year after year. Unfortunately for many of them, they don't all have garages in which to store their cars.

Commonly known as being a luxury for the wealthier class, a garage apparently isn't something most Russians are used to having. So what to do? Wrap your car in plastic. As this picture shows, the method of plastic wrapping one's car for winter is quite common. Although it's definitely strange, the idea isn't all that bad. If enough plastic is used, we'd imagine the car would probably be ok. Only downside is that it can't be driven until spring arrives. So it's basically like letting the car hibernate for the winter, otherwise the extreme weather could easily inflict heavy damage.

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