How to Properly Restore a Subaru WRX Wagon

A 2003 bug-eyed WRX Wagon receives some proper attention.

It’s cool when someone has a passion for a specific car brand. Just look at Magnus Walker and his deep-rooted passion for the Porsche 911. OK, so perhaps he takes Porsche passion to the extreme, but there’s nothing at all wrong with that. Life’s short after all. And for a guy named Jesse Bunting, one of his passions is the Subaru WRX. As many are fully aware, WRX fans have always been a loyal bunch, and there are many forums dedicated to helping people find parts and offer advice.

Bunting did just that when he went to restore a 2003 Subaru WRX Wagon. The finished product is awesome, but Bunting offers perhaps the best advice: when it comes to restoring a WRX (or any car, for that matter) always do it how you want. Make the car yours.

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