How To Shift Like A Badass In A New 1100-HP Zenvo

This thing is a ravenous beast.

The Zenvo ST1 is not your average supercar. This incredible Danish-built motor monster is a very rare breed that combines a supercharger and turbocharger to produce 1100 hp from its ravenous 6.8 liter V8 engine. The particular Zenvo in this video is the new 2015 ST1 which features an all-new custom built gearbox that enables this incredible car to shift faster than any other production car on the road. In this video we get a rare look at what it’s like to go for a ride in this exquisite piece of machinery.

The video was filmed at the hill run during the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015 and features loads of revs and plenty of accelerations from multiple camera angles. The turbos sound absolutely sensational in between rapid gear shifts as the ST1 climbs the hill at Goodwood. Check it out.

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