How to Shut Your Kids Up with a Car and a Droid Bionic


Who really needs a $5,000 car entertainment system?

The thought of carrying all my music and media in one device is extremely appealing. Add to that the fact that it's quite easy these days to hook up these devices to TV's and home entertainment units to have that full media entertainment experience. Well how about if we could hack our car entertainment system to do the same? According to Cnet's Car Tech blog, that's precisely what one 2003 Lexus GS 300 owner did.

In short, he modded the cables on the dock of his Droid bionic and the output port of the device itself allowing him to send any content from the phone to his 3 screens. The setup will not allow for the Bionic to be controlled from the dash or seat monitors, but it does allow for full screen GPS with sound through the car's speaker system as well as any video, audio and even Netflix streaming, which was the original reason he installed the hack. Now everyone that rides with him can see in full screen glory every time he misses a correct turn with his GPS directions. Nice job. Photos courtesy of InspiredGS/

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