How To Spin Out At 240 MPH In The Middle Of The Desert And Survive

It's as epic as it sounds.

So in case you’ve always wondered what it’s like to drive in excess of 200 mph in the middle of the desert in a super-fast rocket car, this insane dashcam footage is likely to satisfy your curiosity. This guy took his rocket car out to El Mirage in the Mojave Desert in an attempt to break his own speed record of 236 mph, and even managed to film the whole thing in a video that looks something like that pod racing scene from Star Wars: Episode 1.

He did in fact manage to break his record and hit a ridiculous speed of 240 mph, but what happens just as he crosses the record breaking speed is absolutely mind-blowing. Hitting a pothole will do that. Thankfully, there’s not so much traffic in the middle of the desert.

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