How to Steal Gas in the UK in Broad Daylight

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Fuel theft victim reveals just how easy it is to steal fuel from a car in broad daylight in front of hundreds of passers-by.

Londoner Rory left home one day to find his car, parked up outside just a couple of hours previously, had been siphoned of all its gas (or as they like to call it in the UK, petrol).

Given it was broad daylight surely someone had noticed the thief draining his VW Polo's fuel tank? Why had no-one intervened? To test the public's reaction to gasoline theft, Rory conducts his own little experiment by taking his car to densely populated areas of central London in the middle of the day. First he heads to an area near Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace, where nobody bats an eyelid as he uses a drill, some hose, a gas can, electric pump, and handheld screwdriver to steal gas from his car.

Next he goes to Covent Garden, one of the busiest areas in the capital. Again, not one person takes action as he brazenly siphons off some gas from his motor on a busy thoroughfare. Finally he decides to use a massive 850-Watt hammer drill to drill a hole in the petrol tank; something gas thieves do in order to bypass the anti-siphoning systems on modern cars. Does anyone stop to question his highly dubious actions? Of course they don't. They are too busy minding their own business, worry about the spiraling costs of gasoline and what to have for lunch. Never mind the guy on the floor with a giant drill obviously up to no good. Not my problem.

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