How To Take Down A 700-HP Mercedes In A Corvette


This is no ordinary Corvette.

In stock form, the Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe is a formidable opponent on the drag strip. But the one you're about to see here has been boosted to 700 hp. So how do you defeat such a fierce competitor? This C6 Corvette ZR1 had the right idea, with a host of mods enabling it to deliver 900 hp. While the C63 clocked the quarter mile in just under 12 seconds, and the Z06 just over 12 secs, when it came to the one kilometer mark, the Vette had powered in front.

With a time of 20.919 seconds at just over 270 kmh the Vette was about a car length in front of the Merc, who passed the 1,000-meter mark in 21.087 secs at 264 kmh.

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