How To Tear Up British Roads In A Bugatti And Lamborghini


Just awesome.

Residents of Hale Barns, in Manchester, England, are no strangers to seeing all sorts of hypercars on the local roads. The area is a hypercar haven of sorts as plenty of megastar soccer players and wealthy businessmen have homes in the South Manchester enclave. However, every so often the tunnels that run alongside the Manchester Airport are treated to some crazy supercar showdowns like this one that took place on Saturday between a Bugatti Veyron and Lamborghini Aventador.

In this short clip, filmed from the perspective of a driver in a Mini Cooper, an incredible scene unfolds as a Bugatti and Lamborghini come flying through the Manchester tunnels. Although the clip is short, seeing these two cars chasing each other on the open road is always a special treat. Check it out.


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