How to Test a Flask with Supercars

A $900 flask is put through heavy durability tests with help from some highly desirable supercars.

Drinking from a flask is no longer associated with something old men do while walking down the street without a care in the world whether people see them doing it or not. Today, having a flask can actually be classy - especially if that flask costs $900. Yes, a $900 flask but this one is the result of a collaboration between Oakley and The Macallan. It’s constructed from "food-grade steel, carbon fiber and aerospace-grade aluminum."

To prove just how solid this thing is, the team behind the ultimate flask put it to the test using supercars including a Mercedes SLS AMG, replica Cobra and a Hennessey-tuned Ford GT. Throw a helicopter and a naked woman in a bathtub into the mix and you have quite the entertaining spectacle.

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