How to Turn a Mitsubishi Eclipse into a Lamborghini Reventon

Don't have the cash for a real Lamborghini? This guy managed to find a solution (kind of).

Let's be honest with ourselves: a Lamborghini Reventon isn't just something you can buy at your local dealership. Even if you happen to live in close proximity to a Lambo dealer, the Reventon was a limited production version of the Murcielago that went for nearly $2 million. Regular maintenance and fuel costs drive the cost of ownership even further north, so it's fair to say that unless you're pulling in some serious bank, the Reventon just isn't going to happen for you.

While not all dreams come true, one can certainly alter them in order to make them a reality. The owner of this third generation Mitsubishi Eclipse clearly became tired of the car but instead of trading it in for something else, he opted for an alternative idea. As you can see, he went about fabricating an entirely new body that was clearly inspired by that rare Lamborghini. The build process looks complicated and we applaud his efforts. In addition to the traditional Lamborghini scissor doors, some serious detail work also went into the car's new lighting and the wide exhaust. This just goes to show that money shouldn't stand in your way of having your dream car (or something that looks like it).

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