How To Turn Your Camaro Z/28 Into A Pontiac Trans Am

These guys will do the job for you.

It’s pretty hard not to like the Chevy Camaro Z/28. It is the ultimate culmination of everything GM learned about the outgoing fifth-gen Camaro rolled into one incredible track package. Certainly the Z/28 is something that’ll increase in value in years to come. But what about this example that was modified by Lingenfelter Performance Engineering? The owner bought a new Z/28 and then turned it over to Lingenfelter to fit it with its own LPE Trans Am body kit. Yes, it’s meant to look like an old Pontiac Trans Am.

A few changes were done inside as well, such as new leather seats and headliner, and different floor carpeting. The owner apparently lives overseas, but do you think the Trans Am look is appropriate here?

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