How To Walk Away Unharmed From A Horrific Drag Crash


It's a miracle this guy wasn't hurt.

It should go without saying that drag racing is a very dangerous sport that is not for the faint of heart. Getting behind the wheel of an incredibly powerful vehicle and pummeling down a quarter mile of tarmac at high speed requires strong nerves, incredible focus and a high level of driving skill. The driver of the Foxbody Mustang in this video likely had all of these qualities. However, sometimes, even the bravest and most skilled of drivers are left helpless when physics gets involved.

We’re not exactly sure what caused the driver to suddenly lose control of his vehicle, but from what we see in the video, it may not have been driver error. Moreover, in spite of the horrific crash directly into a concrete barrier, the driver emerged from the car completely unscathed. The car was clearly not so lucky.

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