How To Wreck A Lamborghini And Ruin Supercar Fun For Everyone

What a schmuck.

So, in case you haven’t already heard the news, London is about to crack down hard on supercar owners driving around in certain parts of the city. This is a real shame, because the supercar scene in London is something that we and car fans all over the world have come to truly love. Every summer we look forward to seeing what new rides will be shipped into the city for some awesome spotting. It has been said that a few bad apples have ruined the fun for everyone by racing, revving, and blasting music around the city.

Now although we can’t really point fingers at who to blame, we can say with certainty that reckless drivers like the guy in this Lamborghini are part of the problem. This driver was actually filmed in Liverpool, but this is a perfect example of the sort of antics that London wants to put an end to.

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