How Unfair Is It To Drag Race A McLaren P1 Against A 650S?

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The answer will not shock you.

So yeah, McLaren has two of its offspring battling it out at a Shift Sector event and basically you should know the result already. If you don't leave the world of cars behind because the door is now shut. So why is watching this video not a huge waste of your time? Well, amazingly enough the race for the first 1/8-mile is actually pretty close as the P1 manages to start on a dirtier stretch of asphalt and instigates a fair amount of wheel spin giving. This gives the guy in the 650S the happiest moment of his life.

That happy moment doesn't last long as the P1 takes it away at the next 1/8-mile. Check out the video to see dreams die just as quickly as they're formed.

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