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How Was This F1 Fan Not Killed On The Track?

If you want to play "Frogger" in real life do it on your own time.

Running onto the field during a game is never a good idea,but an even worse idea is running onto a racetrack while cars are speeding on it. That’s the genius move onespectator pulled at the 2015 Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai. During a practicerun the fan darted across the track between two cars. While the video doesn’tmake it look like he was close to being hit, you have to think that things musthave been different on the ground and from the cockpit of the two F1 cars.

Being hit by an F1 car is likely to kill you and it may dosome serious damage to the guy behind the wheel as well. Luckily no one washurt and the dumbass who made the sprint was apprehended.

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