How Will Ferrari's Cars Evolve Now That It Has A New CEO?

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Keep your fingers crossed because the new boss has mentioned SUVs and V6s.

Ferrari has been undergoing some changes lately, and most recently that change involved the retirement of CEO Amedeo Felisa after his 8-year reign as boss. Felisa is now 69 years old, and has spent most of his life in the auto industry. He joined Ferrari in 1990 after a twenty-year stint at Fiat to serve with product development and as general manager of Ferrari. Even though he will no longer be at the top of the prancing horse masthead, Felisa will still serve on Ferrari's board of directors and as a technical adviser.

Now for the drumroll, who exactly will be at the top of Ferrari? Unsurprisingly, Sergio Marchionne will step into this role. He was named Ferrari's chief in 2014 when Luca Di Montezemolo resigned the post and was in charge of the FCA sale of Ferrari later that year. Marchionne seems like a good fit for Ferrari, especially because he wants to increase production numbers of the brand. This goes against the brand's original philosophy of building less cars than are in demand to keep price and exclusivity high, but Ferrari can probably stand to make a handful of extras. They are one of the most profitable auto brands after all. Marchionne has calmed doubters by saying that he intends to preserve the Ferrari DNA.

This is good because Ferrari DNA may as well be the genes of a unicorn. Marchionne's takeover means that a Ferrari SUV likely won't come to light anytime soon because when asked about the prospect earlier this year, Marchionne said, "you'd have to shoot me first." Unfortunately he has all but assured us that the Ferrari Dino, which will feature a V6, is a certainty. Despite the change of pace for one of the automotive world's favorite brands, Marchionne's influence is unlikely to last long since the man has claimed that he will be retiring sometime in 2018. Wherever Ferrari ends up, we just hope they keep making cars that can pull off insane drifts on dry land or snowy slush.

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