HSV Commodore Goes Out With A 635-HP Bang

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This is truly the last Australian-built Commodore.

Since the whole of the Australian auto industry was set to end completely, 2017 became a year full of milestones. For instance, the last Holden Commodore rolled off the assembly line in GM's Adelaide plant. Even though GM itself was finished building cars, Holden's semi-official tuner HSV still had a few models left to build. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and even HSV has just built its final model. The last HSV model was the limited edition GTSR W1, which is based on the Holden Commodore.

Only 275 units of the GTSR W1 were built, so this one is number 275. We have already seen one of these cars go up for auction, so we have no doubt that this last ever model will be worth a ton of money. However, HSV plans to keep this last car for itself. The final car is painted in Light My Fire Orange, which is both an awesome name and an awesome color. Official company records show that HSV has produced 90,114 vehicles, most of which were Commodore-based models. HSV will now turn its sights to helping GM launch the Chevy brand in Australia and turning the Colorado into the off-road-focused HSV SportsCat.

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HSV Managing Director, Tim Jackson, said that “For all at HSV, this is a time for great reflection on what the company has been able to achieve to date. Any success we’ve enjoyed has been directly attributable to our passionate staff, our dedicated dealer-body and of course our loyal fans who have helped build this brand through its 30-year journey." HSV will live on in some capacity, and we are sure that we haven't seen the last cool car from Australia.