HSV Special Editions Wave Goodbye To The Naturally-Aspirated V8

These awesome Holden models will mark the end of an era.

The V8-powered Holden Commodore will soon be replaced by a front-wheel-drive model with four and six-cylinder engines. To celebrate the end of the V8 era, Holden's semi-official tuner HSV will release a few special edition models to pay homage to the V8. These models will be powered by the naturally aspirated LS3 V8. After these cars have been completed, HSV will exclusively build cars with the supercharged LSA engine until the new FWD Commodore comes out in 2018.

The last naturally aspirated models will be the HSV Clubsport R8 SV Black, HSV Maloo R8 SV Black, HSV Grange SV and the HSV Clubsport R8 Track Edition. The Clubsport models feature a sedan body style similar to the US Chevy SS model. The LS3 will make 455 horsepower compared to 415 in the SS. The cars come with four-piston brakes, 20-inch black wheels, and unique badging. The Maloo features a 'ute body style while the Grange features a long-wheelbase model similar to the Chevy Caprice police car. HSV will build 350 Clubsports (150 Track Editions), 100 Maloos, and just 50 Grange models. These limited edition cars are certain to make us miss V8-powered Holdens.

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