Huawei Says Its New Luxury EV Is Better Than The Tesla Model S

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The Huawei Luxeed S7 will launch in late November: Tesla better watch out.

It is no secret China's electric vehicle market is on an entirely different level; even Ford admits the US is not yet ready to compete.

The latest brand to join the segment in China is Luxeed, which is a joint venture between Huawei and the state-owned Chery Automobile. "[The Luxeed S7 will be] superior to Tesla's Model S in various aspects," said Richard Yu Chengdong, head of Huawei's car unit, according to the South China Morning Post.

The S7 will boast the best technologies from the two different manufacturers. No official specifications have been rolled out just yet. But considering it is putting a target at the back of the Model S, the S7 has a lot riding on its shoulders.

Luxeed Luxeed Luxeed

We are not sure what is covered under the "various aspects" comment, but if Chengdong is referring to the powertrain, the Luxeed S7 should top or at least be at par with the Model S' 670-horsepower dual-motor setup, which also has an EPA-rated range of 405 miles.

The flagship Plaid model produces 1,020 hp from the tri-motor setup, which is enough to complete a zero to 60 mph run in 1.99 seconds, making it one of the quickest electric vehicles on the planet.

Zeekr - another Chinese automaker - took a shot at the Plaid by calling it "dull." At least Zeekr was brave enough to supply a power output for its Plaid rival. The 001 FR is powered by a 1,265-hp quad-motor setup.

Tesla Tesla Tesla

We now know that the Luxeed S7 will be underpinned by Chery's EoX platform with a dual-motor setup. As such, a Plaid fighter might be reserved for future iterations. The EV should also use China's CATL as a supplier. It's the same battery manufacturer that supplies components to Tesla.

The Luxeed S7 will make its debut in late November. With the US government sanctions on Huawei, this EV is already banned from arriving stateside. The S7 would still compete against Tesla in its homeland, though, so it should be interesting to see if the bold claim turns out to be true.

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