Huayra to be Autobot or Decepticon?

Will Pagani’s flagship fight on the side of good or evil in the next Transformers flick?

Michael Bay has been slowly teasing the cars lined up forTransformers 4 and the latest model to join the ranks is the Pagani Huayra. Sofar, the director has revealed a Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse, LamborghiniAventador, Chevy Corvette Stingray, and a classic 1967 Camaro SS that thelatest iteration of Bumblebee will transform into. Now, the question on everyone’slips is whether the supercars will be fighting on the side of good, as Autobots, or evil, as Decepticons.

Do a little digging and you’ll discover Decepticons have rarely, if ever, assumed the guise of a car. Instead they opt to hide themselves as construction vehicles, helicopters, fighter jets, cell phones and even kitchen utensils. So we'd say it’s a safe bet the Huayra and other exotics will be used as Autobots and will almost certainly come out on top. Fortunately the movie is still a year away from hitting the big screen so if we're wrong no-one will remember.

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