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Hublot Celebrates Ferrari 250 GTO with Special Watch

Ferrari's official timekeeper pays tribute to its most sought-after classic to mark its 50th anniversary.

Ferraris and watches go together like gin and tonic, so to complement its mechanical masterpieces, the Maranello marque has commissioned an array of timekeepers to produce wristwatches for it over the years, from Girard-Perregaux to Panerai and Cabestan. Movado is set to debut a new line of Ferrari watches, but the current contract goes to Hublot. Rather than produce one single timepiece, Hublot has debuted a succession of special-edition watches, and this is their latest.

Designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 250 GTO, Hublot's latest timepiece channels the iconic Ferrari with a skeleton dial and brown strap. The watch will be made available only to the exclusive cadre of current GTO owners and was launched at the recent gathering at the Le Mans Classic, where two dozen of the classic homologated racing Ferraris gathered for the first time.

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