Huge Pileup Takes Out Nine Porsche GT3 Cup Cars

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The crash was so bad the entire race had to be cancelled and rescheduled.

A Porsche GT3 Cup race descended into mass carnage at Watkins Glen last weekend when a spectacular pileup took out nine cars, causing the race to be stopped and rescheduled and leaving four drivers requiring hospital treatment. During the second lap, drivers Trenton Estep and Remo Ruscitti were jostling for position and came into contact, causing the Porsche race cars to spin out of control and slam into the guardrail. This led to a scary chain reaction pileup as the stopped cars blocked the track.

With no time to react, a further seven Porsches piled into each other, scattering debris across the track. You can skip to 4:44 in the video to watch the carnage unfold. The wreckage was so widespread that the race had to be cancelled and rescheduled for a later date. Looking at the overhead shot, the track looks like a graveyard of wrecked Porsches.

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The commentator noted that the accident happened on a particularly dangerous section of the track as the cars were hurtling up the crest of a hill where it's difficult to see up ahead. Had the two racers spun off anywhere else, they likely wouldn't have triggered the chain reaction crash. Of the drivers involved in the pileup, Remo Ruscitti, Alejando Chahwan, Orey Fidani, Mark Kvamme, and Tim Sanderson were treated at the scene and released from the infield care center. Etienne Borgeat, Jeff Mosing, Stephen Tullman, and Trenton Estep were all taken to hospital and cleared with non-life threatening injuries. We wouldn't like to guess the combined repair bill of this expensive Porsche pileup.

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