Hulk GT-R Aiming For 250 MPH

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The highly modified Nissan GT-R R35 from SVM is being prepared for another world record run.

Kevan Kemp, the owner of the 'Hulk', a tuned Nissan GT-R R35 that recently held the top speed world record, is on course to break that record once again. Kemp's car set a top speed of 218.1 mph less than a month ago. Thing was, the record stood for only three days before it was broken again by an American team. However Kemp has not given up on the record, and in order to break it he swapped out the current turbochargers for more powerful ones.

"Those are not off the shelf turbos and they will be tweaked to our own configuration," he explained to us in an interview that will be published on this weekend. Kemp said the Hulk is geared to 250 mph in 8000 rpm and he hopes to set the record that now stands at 233 mph in the next few weeks. "We are pretty much sure we have the power and gearing. The record is now 233 mph but in complete dry conditions," said Kemp whose car set the record on a wet and damp British track. Read the whole story this weekend on our official website.

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