Hundreds Of Maseratis Destroyed By Massive Fire In Italy


The luxury exotics were being exported to the Middle East when the fire broke out.

Hundreds of Maseratis have been destroyed after a massive fire broke out at the Port of Savona in Italy during the extreme storms that are currently ravaging the country. According to local media, rising sea levels caused the port to flood.

The salt water then caused car batteries to explode and catch fire. Most of the vehicles destroyed in the blaze were brand new Maseratis stored at the terminal that were being exported to the Middle East. Other vehicles including trucks were also severely damaged in the blaze.

A video posted online shows lines of luxury exotics being burned to a crisp as firefighters struggle to tackle the inferno. It's painful to watch. Of course, what's more important is that no one was injured in the fire, but the Maseratis have been reduced to burnt-out wrecks. It's safe to say a lot of wealthy customers in the Middle East won't be receiving the Maseratis they ordered. We also wouldn't like to guess the cost of the damage, considering a brand new Maserati GranTurismo Coupe will set you back over $130,000.

It took a team of 14 firefighters to contain the blaze, but the port remains closed due to "continuous explosions" coming from inside the parking area. Apparently, this is the second serious fire to break out at the port in only a week. The last fire occurred on October 23, completely destroying the Port Authority building.


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