Hundreds Of Porsches Are Leaving The Factory Unfinished

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Zuffenhausen is having to contend with supply chain issues of the strangest sort.

Two of Porsche's most popular models, the Panamera and Macan, are under constraint as supply chain issues continue to affect the automaker. Porsche's production boss Albrecht Reimold spoke candidly about the issue, telling Germany's Automobilwoche the company is unable to deliver vehicles due to a components shortfall. "Currently we have retrofit vehicles again," he added.

As per the report, unfinished motorcars are occupying space in the factory as Porsche awaits matrix headlights for the mentioned models. Reimold expressed concern over the issue. "At the moment it is really very tense because we have to be constantly vigilant. It is difficult to forecast when the situation will fundamentally improve."

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While the chip crisis appears to be easing for parent company Volkswagen, Porsche is still having to contend with semiconductor-related issues. "Thinking ahead, we need to standardize more in components to reduce complexity in supply chains," added Reimold.

This isn't the first time the Macan and Panamera have been squeezed by supply chain woes. As a result of the Russian invasion, Porsche's Ukrainian contractors could not produce and deliver wiring harnesses for the aforementioned vehicles. As the luxury segment continues to enjoy strong sales, Porsche must get vehicles out of the factory as soon as possible.

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Elsewhere in the Porsche universe, the company is preparing to relocate 718 Boxster and Cayman production in order to meet demand. From the middle of 2023, the sports car duo will roll down the Osnabruck line. The reason for this? Porsche simply cannot meet the demand for its vehicles - the company enjoyed a particularly healthy sales season last year.

If Porsche wants to continue this hot sales streak, it has to find a plan to get the Panamera and Macan models out of the factory and into garages. As Reimold alluded to, these models are being deemed as "retrofit vehicles."

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It's entirely possible that Zuffenhausen may equip these vehicles with lesser headlights and get customers to refit the specified matrix items once they become available. General Motors and several other auto groups have implemented a similar strategy, crediting customers for unavailable features and allowing them to retrofit the items at a later date.

But, for Porsche, it seems last year's sales success will be inimitable - for now, at least. The luxury automaker delivered 145,860 vehicles in the first half of 2022, representing a 5% decline compared to the same period in 2021.

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