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Hungary Sees a Triango Revelation

The Triango Revelation, an all-new futuristic sports car, is currently being developed in Hungary. The initial concept or Revelation came to designer Tamas Jakus as a simple sketching of his vision for a futuristic sports car back in 2008. Triango is derived from the word triangle and as you would expect, the car's lines are formed by a series of triangular shapes and ridges, giving the Revelation a very futuristic, if not different, look.

If the design hasn't already caught your attention, what lies under the hood certainly will. The Triango Revelation prototype is being fitted with a V8 twin-turbo engine from Holeshot Racing with an astronomical output of 1,000hp. Yes, you heard correctly, 1,000hp output that truly gives new meaning to the phrase out of this world, or in Bugatti Veyron territory. The transmission is rumored to be a custom-built unit with sequential gear change that sends all the power to the rear wheels.

Since the Triango Revelation is still in development, there are no performance figures available yet. The interior will be fitted with the triangular theme of the car and will feature walnut-colored leather in a clean silver trim. Only 12 examples are being planned for the initial production. No word yet of pricing, but you can expect to pay quite a few bucks for this one-of-a-kind futuristic sports car.

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