Hunt is on for British Thugs that Dump Concrete Blocks onto Passing Cars

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Horrific acts of stupidity are taking place in the UK with hunt for 'concrete block maniacs' now on.

Over the past couple of years there have been a string of attacks on the same stretch of road in Essex, UK, with thugs dumping huge chunks of concrete from a bridge onto passing cars below. In 2008, a bucket-shaped piece of concrete smashed through a Landrover Discovery's roof, having been dropped from a bridge on the A12. 30 similar incidents have since taken place; the latest being a 1ft-wide slab of concrete slamming into the hood of a Vauxhall Astra, shattering the windscreen.

Thankfully the car wasn't penetrated so the driver, a mother-of-two and the passenger escaped uninjured. Speaking of her ordeal, she said: "I was very lucky to have walked away from it. I can't understand how anybody could do something like that. They need to be caught to prevent it happening again. I was running low on petrol so I wasn't driving very fast. It was as if someone had put their hands over my eyes and I heard a bang and my windscreen just shattered." Not so lucky was a 57 year-old driver who just 40 minutes later became the victim of a similar attack that took place just three miles away.

In this case, a concrete block smashed through the windscreen of a Nissan leaving the driver fighting for her life with head and chest injuries. Three teenage boys were arrested in 2009 and eliminated in connection with similar vile acts, and Essex Police say they will be speaking to them again as part of their current investigation into these two recent attacks, which are being treated as attempted murder.

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