Classic Cars

Hunting for Ferraris and Porsches

This is what happens when a childhood car obsession continues into adulthood.

From a young age, Joe Frazar has been obsessed by cars. That boyhood passion turned into an adulthood hobby and he is now the owner of several old Ferraris and Porsches. More specifically, he owns a Ferrari 328 GTS and a very special hot rod Porsche 914-6, to name just a couple. Late at night he can wile away the hours in his garage admiring the intrinsic beauty of his cars. But nothing compares to getting behind the wheel and experiencing what he calls "a total escape" from the shackles of life.

Like any true gearhead, Joe firmly believes cars, especially ones that are as wonderful as these, are meant to be driven regularly. Judging by his enthusiasm and broad grin, this car obsession will forever be a part of him.

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