Hurst Shifts Into Gear For SEMA 2016 With 750-HP Ford Mustang

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It will be a limited edition too, not just a one-off.

Hurst is a well-known name in tuning circles, which makes sense when the automotive parts supplier has been around since 1958. While the company offers a shedload of performance parts and accessories to the muscle car crowd, they're better known for their core products - shifters. If a show car has been built up from scratch and the owner wants to show off, then a Hurst shifter is a must-have feature. The company has also created a few special cars to show off it's capabilities; the latest is a Ford Mustang.

Back in 1969, Hurst created a special edition AMC SC/Rambler, aka the Scrambler, 1512 of which were built. This time around it modified a 2017 Ford Mustang to show off its capabilities, finished in the signature white and gold paint scheme. This one will be known as the R-Code and has been created in collaboration with another well-known tuner - Kenne Belle. With that company on board, seeing a supercharger under the hood comes as no surprise at all, and neither does the power output of a rather decent 750 horsepower. Boost comes via a Kenne Bell 3.2L liquid cooled twin-screw supercharger and fine tuning was made possible thanks to many more Kenne Bell parts making up the fuel system.

Aesthetics were also taken care of with the Mustang seeing fitment of Hurst lowering springs and a set of chrome plated and gold painted Hurst Stunner wheels in a size of a respectable 20-inches. Hust also fitted the Mustang with a new front splitter up front, small canard-like splitters along the skirts and a tasty rear wing. Inside the theme is carried over with a set of branded black and white, race seats that will keep butts happy. While many cars seen at SEMA will be one-off creations, the 2017 Hurst Mustang will be spread over 50 units making it an appealing buy for collectors, or Ford fans that want to have the complete package done in a single purchase.

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