Husband And Wife Go Drag Racing In Ludicrous Teslas


Silent drag race.

Watching a drag race without the sound of an engine is… weird, to say the least. It's surreal to only hear tires squealing while watching a drag race, but that's what happens when you pit a Model S up against the new Model X. A husband and wife take a 2016 Model X Ludicrous against a 2015 Model S P90D Ludicrous at Florida's Palm Beach International Raceway in this video, and some interesting results surface. First, some quick background, aside from the fact that the X has gullwing doors.

Both Teslas are identical in drivetrain, producing around 530 horsepower (with the Ludicrous Mode). The X however, weighs in at 600 pounds more than the S. So, that's just something to think about.

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