Hydrant-Blocking BMW Now Has a Hose Running Through it

30 people lose their homes because this guy needed his parking space.

Having two windows smashed in may seem enough of a punishment for this BMW owner, who parked his car in front of a hydrant. But considering the fact that several fire crews were detained in putting out a fire that eventually displaced 30 people, we really hope that hose had a severe leak right over his interior. The incident happened in East Boston, where fire crews called to a burning building found this 3-Series coupe parked in front of the closest hydrant.

At first, they tried to circle the car, but finally, they broke the windows and put the hose right through it. When the car’s pillars were still preventing the water from flowing properly, 30 firefighters and helpful civilians lifted the car and moved it about a foot away. The driver was fined $100 by Boston police.

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