Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars are 'So Bullshit' Proclaims Elon Musk

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He would say that though, wouldn't he?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk patently feels the old hydrogen power joke that "it's the fuel of the future and always will be" doesn't go far enough, claiming that hydrogen fuel cell cars are just "so bullshit" and nothing more than a marketing tool. The strong words were delivered during a speech held at a Tesla service center in Munich, Germany, where he went on to say that hydrogen gas is only really suitable for rockets, and not cars.

To be fair, he knows a fair bit about both, although cynics would suggest a man so embedded in the EV fight is bound to espouse such dogma. Skip to the 29-minute mark to hear the profanity.

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Musk also announced plans for an upgraded Model S suitable for the Autobahn. Tesla will offer a high-speed tuning program free of charge to new and pre-existing owners that, without going into detail, will be "just right for German roads [and] feel really great at top speeds." Furthermore, Musk revealed that by the end of next year everyone in Germany will be in range of a Supercharger with the country set to have the highest number of Superchargers outside the US.

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